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It's about living in a home, a place that offers you a great life and way of living... lifestyle.

Lifestyle (laif.stail) noun
1. the actions, attitudes, tastes, standards, economic level and environment that together constitute the method of living of an individual or group.
2. the way in which an individual or group lives; "the benefits of a healthy lifestyle".
3. a luxurious semirural manner or way of living.

offering a quality of life, lifestyle that is achievable

KC Lifestyle Projects.
Real Estate Investments & Developments.

Unit blocks
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KC Lifestyle Projects

delivering a better lifestyle.

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02 9665 8499


PO Box 1022 Double Bay, Sydney, NSW 2028, Australia.


Call us: 02 9665 8499.

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KeyCapital Lifestyle Projects Pty Limited, KC Lifestyle Projects & KC Lifestyle are part of the KeyCapital Australia Group.
International call: +61 2 9665 8499 | Australia call: 02 9665 8499
Australian Business Number: 86 613 494 152 | Australian Company Number: 613 494 152

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