Florite Coatings Industries

We have your industry covered, whether you are the designer, original manufacturer, specifier, sub-contractor painter, or refurbisher, Florite Coatings can provide the right solution to suit your application needs. Our coatings are applied to most things you see on a daily basis.

Below are some examples of the industries we service:


  • Automotive Smash Repairers

  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Conveyor Systems Manufacturers

  • Concrete Floors

  • Crane & Forklift Trucks

  • Furniture Manufacturers

  • Glass Splash Backs

  • Plant & Machinery Manufacturers

  • Shelving & Racking

  • Sign Manufactures

  • Truck Body Builders

  • Trailer Manufacturers

  • Steel Fabricators

  • Sand Blasters

  • Air-conditioning Manufactures